Being a person herself who had a difficult time “getting off the couch” she can empathize with her clients and those God sends her way. The couch was Coach Chrisheena Lynne’s place of comfort that understood her pain, heartache, disappointments and her being overwhelmed with life. It understood her tired of being tired while having the woe is me mentality so she thought.


She begun to realize that people in one’s life may change and there is not one consistent person in one’s corner encouraging them to do their best, while also helping them to deal with life concerns that maybe holding them back; like fear, rejection, or self-esteem to name a few. With life and 6 plus years of professional experience as an Elementary & Secondary School Counselor, Coach Chrisheena Lynne knows the importance of meeting people where they and going on their journey with them; walking by their side.


Coach Chrisheena’s vision is to be an instrumental part of her client’s journey in an effort to help them through the transitions of life. Guiding them as they seek out and accomplish their God-given potential; with creating visions and assisting them until their visions come to fruition.


Coach Chrisheena is very passionate about helping others find their life’s goals and visions while managing one’s everyday obstacles. She prays that through her services, along with the help of God, that one’s life goals and visions are manifested. She lives by Habakkuk 2:2-3 which reads, “Then the Lord answered me and said, “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets…For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it will speak, it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come…”

Coach Chrisheena Lynne

Ambitious, Motivated & Fearless in the pursuit of her goals, it’s hard to believe that Coach Chrisheena Lynne was once stuck on the couch, wallowing in fear, self-doubt and lacking in motivation like so many of her clients are, prior to working in her program. Due to her experience, she coaches her clients through their personal and spiritual development journey. She founded I SEE YOU with the primary focus in helping people to “get off the couch “while motivating them to live out their full God-given potential. Coach Chrisheena Lynne accomplishes this by meeting people where they are, taking it one day at a time and being their biggest cheerleader.



From a troubled little girl to a respectable young lady." I was a child who would have been marked as an "unsuccessful person." My school counselor, Ms. Chrisheena Boyd along with my mother thought of me otherwise. Ms. Boyd was more than a school counselor. She is someone who really cares about others. She took the time to make sure each of us applied for college. She checks up on most of us physically in college and is interactive with us as well. Ms. Boyd is very nurturing, consistent, honest and well respected.


Deonni Roundtree



"Chrisheena has been such an inspiration in my life. She inspired me to seek out the things I want most in life; like the understanding of my gift of creativity and how I can use it to start my career in beauty and cosmetics. She told me that as long as my spiritual gifts align with my goals and aspirations, I can achieve greatness and love what I do. Now, starting a new business, I'm learning and growing and recognizing that every small step taken is another step towards greatness! Thanks to my life coach that gave me the little nudge in the right direction!"


Brittany Butcher


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