see and accomplish their full God-given potential through creating visions and assisting them until their visions come to fruition.


  • What is Transition?

    • Transitions differ depending on the person and their coping mechanisms. What may be a transition for one may not be a transition for you

    • Transitions have 3 phases:

      • An ending (letting go of a situation)

      • A middle (the confusing or distressing phase/in between phase)

      • A new start (beginning or launching something new)


  • Who do we serve?

    • Individuals who are going through life transitions and can’t navigate their way through or their way out


  • Who are our Ideal Clients?

    • Our ideal clients are people who are serious in making a change in their lives and committed and willing to doing whatever it takes to achieve the goals they have set for their lives. They feel overwhelmed, disappointed, complacent and they are their own worst enemy. They are tired of being stuck and are ready to move forward in pursuit of finding their God given potential and unlocking it.


  • What is the difference between counseling and coaching?

    • Counseling deals with negative psychology and helps people move from their problem areas to a point of stability, coaching deals with positive psychology and helps people move to a higher level of fulfillment. Counseling focuses on problems and frequently considers the past. Coaching focuses on possibilities and looks at where people want to go in the future. (Dr. Gary R. Collins, PhD)


  • Why is coaching important?

    • Having a life coach can be extremely beneficial because they are objective and do not enable you to continue to do what contradicts your vision. They challenge your level of thinking and help guide you to fresh perspectives on personal challenges. You find clarity and learn to look within. A life coach increases productivity and confidence. They are your accountability partner who assist in creating an action plan and keeps you motivated, inspired, committed to follow through on those plans. It’s a collaboration and team effort. No excuses allowed.


  • What separates us from other coaches?

    • There are several things that separate Coach Chrisheena Lynne from other coaches. One being that she understands and can emphasize with clients because she knows what it feels like to be stuck on the couch and was not motivated by any means. Yet, she has successfully transitioned to higher heights by putting in the work. Coach Chrisheena Lynne is now walking in her God-given purpose and Living, not just existing off the couch. Her hands on approach walks each client step by step through their journey by utilizing the same strategies she used to live out her manifested visions and dreams. She knows her clients, because she was her client.

    • Not only is she certified as a coach but she herself is coached. She believes in helping others but knows the importance of first helping herself.


  • How does the I See You system work?

    • Our programs are designed to get you off the coach, your place of comfort, or move you from where you got stuck and motivate you to discover your God given potential and the courage to live out your visions and dreams. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, exhausted, fearful and or your hopeless to name a few, we use our formula to help you navigate through life’s transitions and eliminate any obstacle or roadblocks that may hinder your process.


  • How quickly can I expect to see results?

    • Honestly, it all depends on how committed are you are to the program and to your journey. Nothing happens over night and you have to be willing to do the work.


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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is I See You?

    • I See You is a coaching and empowerment service established to get you up off the couch or your place of comfort; the place where you got stuck and motivated by creating and accomplishing visions for ones life.

    • Our vision is to be an instrumental part in the lives of our clients in efforts to bring awareness to self and promote personal and spiritual development by guiding them through life’s transition to 

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Whhhoooooaaaaa!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! You took a leap of faith on yourself. If you have not done so already, please fill out our client form for a faith walk call session.

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